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Our vanilla bean

Vanilla Fair products include a wide range of high quality vanilla products produced from our premises in the SAVA region of Madagascar. We source vanilla beans directly from plantations, along with other trusted and quality-assured suppliers, to ensure that we maintain adequate stock levels to meet the needs of our global customers. Rich in our experience in the field of vanilla, we produce high quality vanilla pods and seeds.

vanille fleur 2 Madagascar Vanilla Source

It’s always better when it’s natural

Bean grading demands expertise. Regarding size, style, vanillin content, and scent. We can be your best choice as a supplier of vanilla beans to your business because of this :

100% natural vanilla of madagascar

Vanille directly from farmers

A guaranteed minimum price paid to producers that serves as a safety net in the face of market conditions and aids in the stabilization of vanilla farmers income.

Madagascar Vanilla Source

Best quality

We are aware that vanilla quality starts with the planting process. to ensure the best possible quality for our clients in morally upright circumstances.

100% natural vanilla of madagascar

Organic vanilla bean cultivation

Our exquisite Madagascar vanilla comes from a pick of hand-picked and meticulously dried vanilla beans that are organically cultivated and purchased from fair trade.

Need vanilla ?

Your trusted partner in vanilla

Whether you want gourmet vanilla, black vanilla, red or TK vanilla, or even powder or vanilla caviar, get it directly from Madagascar at the best price, in whatever quantity you want.

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Madagascar Vanilla Source
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