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Vanilla Fair - FAQ

All our beans are vacuum-sealed to preserve their freshness and quality, ensuring they meet the highest grade-A standards. We proudly offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For additional information, please refer to our detailed FAQs below.

Madagascar Vanilla Source

Yes, for the most part. There have been times in the past (like hurricanes) when ordering vanilla beans was difficult. We can typically get vanilla beans whenever we want, if all nations are open. A warning will appear on the product page if not.

Vanilla is mainly used in cooking as a spice to flavor desserts and drinks. It is often used to flavor ice cream, cakes, cookies, puddings and hot drinks like coffee or hot chocolate. Vanilla can also be used in the preparation of sauces, marinades and savory dishes to impart a sweet and fragrant aroma.
Apart from cooking, vanilla is also used in the production of perfumes and cosmetics. Its sweet sweet smell is often used in body products, soaps, lotions and perfumes. Vanilla is also known for its calming and relaxing properties, and is sometimes used in essential oils and wellness products to help relax and unwind

It is difficult to say what is the best quality of vanilla in the world, because it depends on many factors such as personal tastes, flavor preferences and the end use of the vanilla. However, there are different varieties of vanilla that are considered high quality, including Bourbon vanilla (originating in Reunion Island), Tahitian vanilla (originating in Tahiti), and Madagascar vanilla (originating in Madagascar). These strains are known for their rich, complex flavor, sweet, delicate smell, and soft, chewy texture.

There are many varieties of vanilla in the world, each with its own characteristics in terms of flavor, smell and texture. Here are some examples of popular vanilla varieties:
Bourbon vanilla: This variety originates from Reunion Island (formerly called Bourbon Island) and is considered one of the best qualities of vanilla. It has a rich and complex flavor with hints of caramel and dried fruit.
Tahitian vanilla: This variety originates from Tahiti and is known for its fruity and flowery flavor. It has a soft, sweet smell and a soft, chewy texture.
Madagascar vanilla: This variety originates from Madagascar and is the most commonly used variety of vanilla in food products. It has a rich and balanced flavor with hints of chocolate and dried fruit.
Mexican vanilla: This variety originates from Mexico and is known for its intense and pronounced flavor. It has a sweet, fragrant smell and a soft, chewy texture.
Indian Vanilla: This variety originated in India and is known for its spicy, spicy flavor. It has a mild, sweet smell and a firm, crunchy texture.

There are several ways to check the vanillin level in a vanilla bean. The simplest method is to use a color test to measure the amount of vanillin present in the pod. You can do this by cutting off a small section of the pod and placing a few drops of a reagent solution on the cut part. If the pod contains a high amount of vanillin, the solution will turn purple. If the pod contains a small amount of vanillin, the solution will remain colorless.
You can also use a spectrophotometer to measure the amount of vanillin present in the pod. This device uses a beam of light to measure the amount of vanillin in the pod and displays the results on a screen. This method is more accurate than the color test, but it requires the use of specialized equipment.
Finally, it is also possible to measure the level of vanillin in the pod using chromatography methods. These methods use solvents to separate the different components of the bean and then measure the amount of vanillin present in each component. These methods are very precise, but they also require the use of specialized equipment.

Sure, we do. Please let us know your country. Our vanilla beans have  been distributed all over the world.

If your vanilla beans are extremely dried out, they may have lost some of their flavor. Vanilla is a very aromatic spice, but it can lose its aroma when exposed to air or when stored in improper conditions. To retain their flavor, vanilla pods should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct light. You can also store them in a glass jar with an airtight lid to protect them from air and light. If your vanilla beans are very dried out, they may not be as aromatic as they used to be, but they should still retain some of their flavor.

According to each shipment. It could be as few as 3-6 beans if the beans are large, plump, and have a high moisture content. Up to 20 vanilla beans may be obtained if the vanilla beans are tiny and have little moisture. The standard is usually 6–10 beans per oz.

To store vanilla beans in the best possible way, you should store them in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Vanilla beans can be stored in a glass jar with an airtight lid, which will protect them from air and light. You can also store them in a paper or cloth bag, making sure to put them in a cool, dry place. It is important not to expose them to humidity or heat, as this may alter their taste and texture. Vanilla beans generally keep well for several months when stored properly.

Vanilla extract is obtained by extracting vanilla pods with alcohol. The extraction method varies between producers, but in general, it consists of immersing the vanilla beans in an alcohol bath for several days to extract the aromatic molecules. The alcohol is then evaporated to obtain a viscous and concentrated liquid called pure vanilla. Pure vanilla is very aromatic and contains a large amount of vanillin, which gives it a sweet and characteristic vanilla flavor. It is often used in cooking to flavor desserts and drinks.

There are several criteria for recognizing a good quality vanilla pod. Here are some points to consider:

  • The origin of the pods: Premium quality vanilla beans generally come from tropical regions where the climatic conditions and cultivation methods are optimal for producing aromatic beans.
  • The appearance of the pods: good quality vanilla pods have a dark brown color and a soft, chewy texture. They are also smooth and flawless, indicating that they have been carefully selected and handled. Vanilla beans that are too dark or too dry can be indicative of poor quality.
  • The vanillin level: vanillin is an aromatic compound that gives the characteristic sweet flavor of vanilla. Good quality vanilla beans have a high vanillin content, which makes them more aromatic and flavorful.
  • The smell and taste of the pods: to recognize a good quality vanilla pod, it is important to smell and taste it. The premium vanilla beans have an intense, aromatic smell, with hints of caramel, chocolate and dried fruit. They also have a sweet and complex taste, with spicy and woody notes.

The Ecocert label is an environmental certification label that guarantees that certified products meet strict standards in terms of sustainability and ecological quality. This label is granted to products that meet the criteria of organic farming, such as the use of synthetic chemicals, the use of non-GMO seeds, the protection of soil and water resources, and respect for ecosystems. local. The Ecocert label is awarded by an independent body that verifies product compliance with environmental standards. Ecocert certified products are generally considered healthier and more environmentally friendly than non-certified products.

There are several reasons to buy Fairtrade products. Here are some benefits of buying Fairtrade products:

  • Better compensation for producers: Fairtrade products are guaranteed to come from producers who receive fair compensation for their work. This means that producers can live decently and invest in their community.
  • Improved working conditions: Fairtrade products are guaranteed to be produced under working conditions that respect human rights and the environment. This means that producers are not subjected to excessive hours, inadequate wages, unsafe working conditions or discriminatory practices.
  • Fair Trade: Fairtrade products are guaranteed to be traded fairly between producers and consumers. This means that producers are directly involved in setting prices and quantities, and that they have direct access to markets to sell their products.
  • Environmental sustainability: Fairtrade products are guaranteed to be produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Our vanilla comes mainly from vanilla plantations in the northeast of Madagascar. We select and sort the best vanilla to be able to ensure the quality that our customers are looking for. Our experience and trust with our partners in Madagascar allow us to set up a constant supply policy, both in quality and quantity.

Anyone who has never used entire vanilla beans before frequently has this question. The majority of retailers or suppliers only have one variety of vanilla bean, therefore the buyer is never given the chance to compare.

Moisture content, bean length, and condition all affect vanilla bean quality. One of the key characteristics of premium vanilla is its moisture content. The vanilla beans of grade A (gourmet grade) are incredibly juicy. The vanilla bean should have oils visible on the outside, and touching it will leave a film on your fingers. High moisture content causes vanilla beans to feel soft to the touch and bend easily. When packaged in vacuum-sealed bags, the oils from the vanilla bean frequently protrude. This is a trait of vanilla that is of the highest caliber.

One of the most widely used flavors in baking is vanilla. However, from where does this vanilla flavoring originate? Is it a synthetic spice or a naturally occurring spice? The most widely used flavor in ice cream and baked products, vanilla, comes from a plant.

Contrary to popular belief, the term “Bourbon” refers to a region in Madagascar where vanilla beans are grown. Bourbon is today referred to as Reunion Madagascar. There are additional islands as well, including Mauritius, Seychelles, and Comoros, all of which are off the coast of Madagascar.

Absolutely, you can! We’re so confident you’ll love our Vanilla that we offer free samples, and yes, we’ll even cover the shipping costs. The best part? If you decide to place a full order after trying the samples, we’ll deduct the entire cost of the sample and shipping from your total order amount.

It’s like getting a sneak peek of happiness before diving into a world of flavor! 😊

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