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Making informed purchasing decisions can positively impact society, the environment, and the economy. As consumers, we have the responsibility and power to choose fair trade practices. Our conscious choices can benefit our Growers, who can receive a fair price for their green beans, empowering them to improve their quality of life. Working together can create a better future where consumers and producers thrive.

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Close-up view of a Vanilla Gourmet Bean, showcasing its texture and aroma
La vanille

Durabilité des gousses de vanille de Madagascar

La vanille

Responsabilité envers le Pays de la Vanille

As informed consumers, we can generate substantial change in the lives of growers and communities by endorsing Fair Trade. This socially responsible initiative advocates for sustainable farming techniques, financial compensation, and optimistic outcomes for families and the ecosystem. By being knowledgeable and deliberate with our decisions, we collaborate with producers aiming to take more excellent agency over their livelihoods and strive towards building a fair and sustainable global economy. We urge others to partake in this drive towards promoting a just and transparent market. Uniting together, we can make a tangible and lasting impact in the lives of those who rely on Fair Trade for their sustenance.

Nous responsabilisons les cultivateurs de vanille et améliorons la vie des citoyens de Maroantsetra. Nous investissons et collaborons avec les communautés pour obtenir des changements positifs durables et contribuer à l'économie locale.

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Éducation sociale

Engagement social et éducatif

Our organization firmly believes in sustainable agriculture’s power and positive global impact. As such, we are dedicated to supporting growers through various training programs and financial assistance initiatives. We offer training in sustainable agriculture and provide valuable small business training to help growers succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Education is a fundamental right for all, regardless of where they live. In Madagascar’s rural communities, schools are often small, and teachers are dedicated to providing individual attention to their students. The community supports its teachers and values education. While the government has promised to provide education for all, we must continue to work hard to deliver quality schools in every village. Every student deserves a chance to learn and improve their future.

Some issues to be addressed include child labor, school attendance, and illiteracy rates in Madagascar’s primary and secondary schools. Our mission is to turn these figures around. Our main goal is to make children and teenagers enjoy school. The ultimate challenge is demonstrating personal, social, environmental, and economic impact.



The issue of child labor in small communities in the Maroantsetra region is a matter of great concern. Unfortunately, the labor-intensive vanilla-growing process and low crop prices often result in child labor. To address this, we have established stringent requirements and monitoring mechanisms to ensure that child labor is not involved in vanilla production.

Par ailleurs, nous nous concentrons également sur la réduction de la pauvreté en améliorant l'accès aux besoins de première nécessités et à l'électricité. Notre objectif est de stimuler la croissance des entreprises non agricoles, ce qui se traduira en fin de compte par une amélioration du bien-être de nos communautés. Nous reconnaissons que des distances plus courtes vers les marchés et des taux plus élevés d'électrification locale sont d'excellents indicateurs de progrès vers cet objectif, et nous nous engageons à soutenir de telles initiatives.

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Botte de vanille de Madagascar
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Engagement pour l'environnement

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La qualité de la vanille avant tout

Approvisionnement responsable

At Vanilla Fair, we are dedicated to upholding the highest accountability and sustainability standards in our products. We carefully source our vanilla beans from trusted, sustainable growers who prioritize the welfare and livelihoods of vanilla farmers and their communities. Our selected growers use traditional methods that offer socioeconomic and environmental benefits and allow us to provide premium-quality vanilla. We take pride in our extensive knowledge of conventional curing techniques, which we put into practice in our facilities.

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notre engagement

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L'engagement de notre entreprise, conformément à son objectif, accélérera les efforts de Vanilla Fair pour :