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Madagascar's Finest Vanilla, Ethically Sourced

For over three generations, we’ve partnered with vanilla growers in the mineral-rich soils of Madagascar, cultivating the world’s most exquisite vanilla beans. Vanilla vines mature fully in 2-4 years, with flowers blooming for just one day annually. Each flower must be delicately hand-pollinated on that day. Our artisanal technique yields thick, aromatic vanilla pods with an exceptional vanillin concentration.

100% natural vanilla of madagascar

Organic and Sustainable

We exclusively collaborate with local, certified organic growers, providing training to uphold premium quality standards. Regular audits and adherence to organic farming methods guarantee product excellence while promoting sustainability.

Source de vanille à Madagascar

Uncompromising Quality Control

Our comprehensive bean-to-customer tracking system includes detailed documentation and visuals. An in-house lab with advanced metal detection analyzes moisture and vanillin levels. A specialized facility focuses on quality-controlled curing, grading, and export processes.

100% natural vanilla of madagascar

Community-Centric Approach

We work directly with local, certified growers to source superior vanilla while fostering community development. Our deep-rooted local presence and long-standing relationships ensure you receive the finest Madagascan vanilla beans.

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Uniting Expertise and Trust for Premium Flavors

Our approach combines expert knowledge from trusted partners to deliver superior flavors and a reliable supply to our customers. By blending contributed expertise with cultivated collaborative relationships, we provide unmatched flavor quality and a dependable supply chain.

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Your Trusted Partner for Sustainable Premium Vanilla

Our commitment to quality is rooted in sustainable and ethical trade practices. We are your trusted partner for premium, ethically sourced vanilla products. In close collaboration with our network of certified growers, we uphold sustainable practices and fair trade principles to deliver superior-quality vanilla beans, extracts, and pastes.

Our stringent quality controls and expert processing techniques ensure consistent excellence in every product we provide to professionals, importers, and wholesalers worldwide. Choose Vanilla Fair for uncompromising quality and reliable service.

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Cultivés naturellement

Our vanilla vines slowly mature over two years, their delicate flowers blooming for a single day. Pollination must occur within this fleeting window to produce a bean, a testament to the natural, meticulous cultivation behind our premium vanilla.

100% natural madagascar vanilla bean france

Born in Biodiverse Enclaves

Our vanilla beans are grown in the endemic forests of Maroantsetra, untouched biodiverse havens blessed with nutrient-rich soils that imbue our vanilla with an unparalleled depth of aroma and flavor.

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A Generational Organic Legacy

We've cultivated the world's finest vanilla beans in mineral-rich soils for over three generations, breeding the most exquisite varietal through time-honored organic practices.

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Promouvoir la qualité de la vanille de Madagascar

La vanille est un produit phare export product of Madagascar, which has, for this unique raw material, a world monopoly. The magic surrounding vanilla, a raw material no other similar to, can make us forget the economic and social stakes associated with it, especially for Madagascar and its population, first and foremost.

1. Maturité de la gousse

The quality of the vanilla is determined by the time of harvest. Through precise production monitoring, we are dedicated to fournir uniquement de la vanille provenant de gousses matures carefully chosen for their organoleptic properties.

2. Contrôle de qualité

We can guarantee constant quality because we understand vanilla’s physical and organoleptic properties entirely and select the best quality from our partners.

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