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Who we are

Your favorite gourmet vanilla beans, straight from our certified growers.

Our vanilla producers are certified organic by ECOCERT and adhere to fair trade practices with Flo Cert certification. Our vanilla production site is located in the heart of Maroantsetra. We exclusively source green vanilla from our certified producers.

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Close-up view of a Vanilla Gourmet Bean, showcasing its texture and aroma
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A Family Heritage

At our core lies a rich family legacy deeply embedded in the fertile lands of Maroantsetra. Our co-founder, Joel, is not just passionate about vanilla; he is the nephew of a seasoned vanilla grower from this renowned region. This intimate connection with Maroantsetra’s unique terroir has been nurtured since 2012 and passed down through generations, establishing us as more than just suppliers. We are true connoisseurs of vanilla.

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Grown Naturally

Our vanilla vines mature over two to four years, and their flowers bloom for just one day. To produce a bean, pollination must occur within this brief window. It's a testament to our premium vanilla's natural, careful cultivation.

Madagascar Vanilla Source

From Endemic Forests

Our vanilla beans are cultivated in the endemic forests of Maroantsetra. These untouched, biodiverse habitats offer unique, nutrient-rich soil, contributing to our vanilla's unparalleled aroma and flavor.

100% organic vanilla of madagascar

100% Organic

We have been growing vanilla beans on a rich soil of minerals for over three generations, breeding the most exquisite type of vanilla.

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Close-up view of a Vanilla Gourmet Bean, showcasing its texture and aroma
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Working with us

Discover our multiple vanilla beans and choose from our Gourmet or Red US vanilla beans. We also provide vanilla bean cuts between premium quality and lower. Vanilla powder is also available upon demand.

Sustainability and traceability are rooted in our DNA. We dedicate all our resources to ensure your order is met with rigorous inspection, sorting, and storing. Our local team will be delighted to welcome you for a visit, and sampling orders are welcome.

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