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Our certifications

At Vanilla Fair, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality products. To ensure that we meet and exceed industry standards, we have obtained various certifications demonstrating our commitment to excellence. These certifications include organic and non-GMO credentials, fair trade certifications, and certifications for sustainable and ethical farming practices. These certifications ensure that our products are of the highest quality and support the well-being of farmers and the environment. We are proud to display these certifications and stand behind the products we offer.

Vanilla plants in a Madagascar plantation
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Certification AB

Organic certification guarantees quality for consumers looking for healthy and environmentally-friendly products. Certified products are produced without pesticides, synthetic chemicals, or GMOs, ensuring safe and nutritious food for you and your family. By choosing certified organic products, you also support local farmers who use sustainable practices and contribute to preserving natural ecosystems. The certification also guarantees the traceability of products; you can know where your products come from. Choose organic certification for healthy and fair food for all.

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We are proud to be Rainforest certified for our vanilla production. This label ensures that our vanilla is produced sustainably, environmentally friendly, and ethically responsible toward workers.
We are committed to protecting the tropical forests where we grow our vanilla and adhering to high ecological, social, and ethical standards. We respect the rights of workers and ensure fair treatment of them.
By purchasing our Rainforest-certified vanilla, consumers can be sure they support sustainable and environmentally-friendly production. Additionally, our Rainforest certification guarantees the superior quality of our vanilla, as it adheres to strict quality and traceability standards.
As a Rainforest certified producer, we contribute to preserving tropical forests while offering our customers superior quality products. We are committed to maintaining our commitment to high sustainability standards, environmental respect, and fair treatment of workers for responsible and ethical production.

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As an Ecocert certified producer, we guarantee our wholesale clients high-quality vanilla products produced in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. We adhere to strict protocols to reduce our environmental impact and adhere to high ecological, social, and ethical standards. We also ensure fair treatment of workers and respect for their rights. Our Ecocert certification also ensures product traceability and compliance with strict quality standards. By choosing our Ecocert-certified vanilla, you can ensure your clients receive high-quality, environmentally friendly, and ethically-sourced products.

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As a Flocert-certified producer, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products produced fairly and responsibly. We adhere to high sustainability standards, workers’ rights, and transparency and follow the guidelines of the International Labour Organization and the African Union. By choosing our Flocert-certified product, you can be sure you are supporting fair and responsible production while offering your customers high-quality products.

Madagascar Vanilla Source
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