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Privacy policy

To understand our rules and procedures relating your information, please carefully read this Policy. Except where prohibited, accessing or using our website constitutes your agreement to this policy, which is a part of our terms and conditions. You are not permitted to use our website if you disagree with this policy.

General Policy

Your “Personal Data,” which we define as information pertaining to an identified or identifiable individual like you, is something we value and are committed to protecting. Aggregated or anonymized data does not constitute personal data as long as you cannot be identified from it.

Only the information we obtain from our website is covered by this Policy. It does not apply to information we gather through other sources, unless specifically stated otherwise. It describes what Personal Data about you we gather through our website and how we utilize it. Additionally, it describes the purposes for which we use your Personal Data, who we disclose it to, how we safeguard it, and how the law protects you.

How do we collect your personal data?

We obtain Personal Data both directly from you and via other sources. 

  • When you register for an account
  • When you submit information through a survey or contest-entry form
  • When you post a comment or feedback on our Website
  • When you contact us
  • When you purchase something through our Website
  • Automatically gathered as you use our website
  • Data aggregators from whom we obtain more information about our consumers;
  • marketing analytics service providers to assist us better understand our clients;
  • website analytics companies to help us enhance our website Through your interactions with unaffiliated social media sites
  • For clients and partners in business: Prior to entering into a contract with you, as part of our due diligence process and in accordance with regulatory requirements
What do we do with your data?

Only when the law permits do we use personal data. We employ personal information for the following functions. To:

  • Deliver the data, goods, and services you ask for;
  • offer you efficient customer service;
  • present pertinent Website material to you so that your experience on our website is tailored;
  • Answer your questions;
    based on your location, give you access to more Website features;
  • contacting you to provide notices and information regarding your usage of our website;
  • send you administrative and transactional notifications regarding our products;
  • Sending you marketing materials in accordance with your preferences;
  • inviting you to take part in surveys and giving us feedback in accordance with any preferences you have previously stated to us;
  • Increase the functionality and content, security and usability of our website;
  • provide market research and insights (on an aggregated, non-personally identifiable basis) by examining how our customers and website are used;
  • dispense advertising and keep track of their efficacy;
  • keep an eye on security and stop fraud;
  • abide by our statutory and regulatory duties;
  • fulfill any additional goals that have been made known to you by our website, a relevant agreement, or another means.
How do we secure your information?

To protect your Personal Data from unauthorized or unlawful processing as well as accidental loss, deletion, modification, or damage, we have implemented appropriate security measures. We are not liable if any privacy settings or security precautions on the Website are violated, according to applicable legislation. 

Unless a longer retention time is mandated by applicable law, a longer retention period is necessary to resolve disputes, protect our legal rights, or otherwise comply with legal responsibilities, we will only keep your personal data for as long as it is required for the purposes indicated in this policy.

We consider the volume, character, and sensitivity of the data, the risk of harm from unauthorized access to or disclosure of the data, the purposes for which we process the data and whether those purposes can be served by other means, as well as the relevant legal requirements when determining the data retention period.

Additional Privacy Notice for the United Kingdom and the European Union

This Supplemental Privacy Notice (along with other pertinent sections of the Policy) provides information about the collection, use, processing, and sharing of data about you if you are located in the European Union (the “EEA”) or the United Kingdom in accordance with Article 13 of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the “GDPR”) and the UK General Data Protection Regulation, respectively.

For the purposes listed in the table under Section 6, “What is the legal basis for our data collection?,” of the Policy together with our legal basis, we process the Personal Data of visitors to this Website who are located in the EEA or the UK. If more than one purpose is stated, please get in touch with us (see Section 16, “Contact Details,” of the Policy) to find out the exact legal justification that governs your particular inquiry.

You may be entitled to various protections under data protection regulations with regard to your personal data. Please get in touch with us using the information provided in the section “Contact Details”. If you want to exercise any of the rights listed below or find out more about them.